Ballet For Kids: Things To Know Before Your Child’s First Class


Ballet For Kids Things To Know Before Your Child's First Class


Ballet is a beautiful art form. The combination of discipline, technique, and creativity makes it a great workout for the mind. Your child will get a good workout by just learning the basics of ballet. They will learn proper posture and balance, how to hold their weight correctly and how to focus their energy into their body.


They’ll also learn how to use their body as an instrument and start developing self-confidence through all this. But what are the first steps your child needs to take before taking their first class? When it comes to ballet for kids, here are some important things to take note of before your child’s first day of ballet class.


Choosing ballet shoes


Choosing ballet shoes


Ballet shoes are designed for comfort during long hours of dancing, so they need to be comfortable when you buy them. You should buy them at least 1/2 size bigger than what you think your child will wear for a few weeks until the shoe forms around their feet. If you buy them too big, they’ll have blisters or sore feet because the shoes will be too tight.


Find out if your child has the right size of dance shoes. A ballet teacher will usually not allow children who don’t have the correct size shoe to take their first class. Dance lessons can be quite intense, so make sure your child is up for it!


Ballet dance classes for kids is a very physical art form that uses the entire body, so it’s important that your child is physically fit before they take lessons to prevent injury later on in their training. Make sure your child is getting enough rest, eating well, and staying active outside of dance class time.




There are ballet dance schools and dance studios that offer free trial classes for a few weeks. Some ballet schools even have dance classes in Singapore for younger children. Make sure you know how much it will cost for your child to enroll in dance lessons in Singapore. The amount of money you pay for ballet classes for kids is usually based on how many times your child takes it per week. You should check with the ballet studio before signing up to make sure they’re offering the right amount of ballet classes at each level for your child’s age group.


Research on the class level


Research on the class level


Make sure you know which level of ballet lessons your child should take: there are three levels of classes in ballet for kids, each with its own set of techniques and style of dancing: beginner, intermediate, and advanced (or “professional”).


The beginner level is meant for children 5-6 years old; the intermediate level is for children between 7-8 years old; and the advanced level is for children older than 8. There are usually one or two classes offered at each level per week. You should also ask the studio where they fit in your child’s age range, because they may have different programs designed specifically for their age group.


Prepare snacks and refreshments


It’s a good idea to pack some snacks and refreshments for your kid to consume during break time. Some studios also have healthy snack options available for children who are hungry during their lessons.


When you decide that ballet is something that your child would enjoy, it’s important that you find a teacher who will work with your child and make sure that they have everything that they need to be an excellent dancer. You can learn more about ballet teachers and how to find one by reading through the articles on this website.


There are lots of information about ballet for kids on the internet and books about ballet for kids. Find some information about ballet for kids and watch videos about it so that your child can see what it looks like when someone is doing a perfect spin or jump in the air. It’s good that your child knows what a centerline is too so that they understand why it’s important for dancers to stay on the line all the time.


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