Ballet Singapore: 5 Etiquette Basics For Young Dancers


Ballet Singapore: 5 Etiquette Basics For Young Dancers


Ballet is a dramatic art form, a convincing performance. It involves not only the body of the dancer but also his or her emotional, mental, and spiritual states. 


A dancer’s behavior and attitude must be under the role he or she plays. In short, ballet is a theatrical art which depends on stage presence and acting skills. It is easy to say that ballet etiquette has its own unique set of rules, which can help dancers develop their skills in the most helpful way possible when it comes to ballet in Singapore. 


Many people do not see a great ballet performance because of their busy schedules. For them, ballet in Singapore will be a splendid chance to have a wonderful time. Ballet in Singapore has various types of dance performances. The main purpose of ballet in Singapore is to express human nature and emotions that are hard to express in words.


Etiquette is not something that we are born with. It is something that is taught and learnt from our parents, from our teachers and even from our peers. We learn the basic rules of etiquette when starting out and the more rules that we are taught, the more comfortable we will become with them. These are 5 etiquette basics that can help a dancer.


1. Ballet Slippers


Your feet should be completely covered when wearing your ballet slippers. The outer material should not touch the bottom of the foot. When purchasing your new slippers make sure they are roomy enough to accommodate for growth and that they have a soft insole (firm support). 


Your toes should also be able to move easily inside the slipper, without being restricted by seams or hardware. The length of the ballet shoe should be appropriate to fit comfortably on your foot. 


If you feel uncomfortable or “pinched” in your ballet shoe, it is too long or too tight. This can cause excessive stretching and, ultimately, pain in your foot and ankle area.


2. Pointe Shoes


Pointe Shoes


Pointe shoes must always be worn with proper undergarments. You should wear your ballet leotard and tights underneath your pointe shoes. There are several styles of Pointe shoes on the market. When selecting your pointe shoes, select a pair that is supportive, yet flexible and lightweight. 


The support from your pointe shoes will help to provide you with the proper arch and heel placement for proper balance and alignment during ballet class. The flexibility of the shoe allows you to pivot, twist, and stretch without having to worry about hurting yourself. 


Pointe shoes should fit snugly on your foot with room for the toes to move in and out comfortably. This will allow for proper movement of the toes in both directions (right/left). If your pointe shoe is too tight or too loose, it can cause excessive stretching, which may cause injury. 


When purchasing a new pair of pointe shoes, make sure they have padded insoles that are soft enough so as not to rub or irritate your skin.


3. Leotards


Leotards should be worn underneath the dancer’s costume or street clothes. This will allow the dancer to have maximum mobility in their joints, while protecting the dancer’s skin from chafing and skin irritations. 


This garment helps to maintain their shape and support their bodies during movements in the performance area. Female dancers also have to wear a special type of undergarment known as tights. In addition, female dancers must also wear a specialized dance belt (also known as suspender) to keep their skirt properly positioned when they perform.


Leotards should be made of a thin, stretchy material that is not too thick. If your leotard is too tight, it will cause excessive stretching and rubbing of the skin which may cause irritation and chafing.


4. Clothing For Ballet in Singapore


Clothing For Ballet in Singapore


Ballet attire is typically made of a stretchy material that is durable and comfortable to wear during practice or performance. Select a costume or street clothing that will not be too tight and allow freedom of movement. 


The ballet costumes help the dancers get their body shapes and also help the dancers keep their body shape during rehearsals and performances. 


The proper ballet attire includes a black or dark-colored tights, tights that cover the ankles, shoes that fit perfectly, and long-sleeved tops. 


You should always have clean clothing available when preparing for your ballet class or rehearsal so that you can change into it immediately after class or rehearsal has finished.


When wearing tights, dancers have to wear shoes on their feet as well. This is to prevent injury from slippery floors or sticky floorings. Tights also protect the dancer’s legs from rubbing on the floor.


5. Nail Care For Ballet in Singapore


Ballet dancers should always have their nails clipped short in order to prevent them from becoming caught in the pointe shoes, hurting themselves and/or causing injuries to other dancers in the studio. 


The ballet toe area must also be protected from chafing, sunburn and irritation by wearing appropriate socks.


In ballet class etiquette, there is no hard and fast rulebook for it. There are some unwritten rules that are usually followed by ballet dancers, however, which will help keep you from making a faux pass.


There are more subtle points of etiquette, but these are some of the more common ones. These tips will help you learn and follow the basic rules. It’s always good to have some knowledge of etiquette in case someone forgets their manners.


Learning ballet in Singapore can also teach important life lessons, such as self-discipline, self-confidence, discipline, and focus. That is all the basic etiquette you need to learn to become a successful ballet dancer. Now that you know these basics, it is time to learn the rest!


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