5 Types of Dance Classes For Kids To Learn in Singapore


5 Types of Dance Classes For Kids To Learn in Singapore


Dance is an amazing activity to pick up, especially for children as it promotes physical and emotional benefits, whilst also allowing your child to improve their cognitive skills!  Dance is an activity which comes in many forms and styles, hence no matter what your child’s personality or preference, there is always a dance style that would be perfect for your child.


Although every dance style has its own uniqueness and benefits, not every style of dance will be suitable for your child. These days, there are many types of dance classes for kids available, hence sometimes leaving you spoilt for choice. But, don’t worry! We are here to give you advice and guidance on choosing the perfect dance class for your child.


Finding suitable dance classes for kids


Which dance class would be the best for your child? Well, there are a few things to consider before you and your child pick the perfect dance class, regardless of age.  Even though there are many dance classes for kids available with similar benefits, picking a dance class depends heavily on your child’s personality, and the type of activities they like to do.


For example, ballet or jazz would be perfect for a child who enjoys learning steps to form a routine. However, lyrical dance would be better for your child if they enjoy doing things with great freedom.


Choosing a dance class for your kid may be hard at first, but after you consider your child’s personality and traits, along with other factors like budget, and the amount of energy needed, and the environment, then we guarantee that you will find the perfect dance class for your child.


Here are the top 5 dance classes for kids that we have selected for you to consider signing up for your child.


1. Classical ballet


Classical ballet


Ballet classes are one of the most commonly available dance classes for kids in Singapore.  In ballet, your child will learn the foundation steps and then proceed to learn how to incorporate those steps into dance routines.The popularity of ballet roots from its graceful and emotionally soothing style of dance which not only allows children to relax, but also allows them to express themselves physically and emotionally.


Other than the emotional benefits, ballet also allows children to improve physical skills such as agility, balance, flexibility through its dance moves. In ballet, its simple yet elegant dance moves are perfect for graceful children who have a gentle and composed personality and enjoy calm and graceful activities.


2. Lyrical Dance


Lyrical dance classes for kids is also a very popular option amongst children who are interested in joining dance classes. Lyrical dance teaches techniques which will teach your child to feel free with their own body whilst dancing in their own unique style without feeling that they are wrong. Lyrical dance has loads of emotional and physical benefits such as being able to be in the moment, being able to relax emotionally, and allowing them to have control,focus and strength.


Through Lyrical dance, your child can learn movements which can be gentle or powerful, but showcasing their technique through their dance moves. Lyrical dance is perfect for a child who likes to be independent and enjoys the thrill of getting to discover new things.


3.  Modern Jazz


Modern jazz dance classes for kids are also a great option when considering enrolling your child into dance classes in Singapore. Even though jazz is a dance genre with the most variety, modern jazz would be the best option for your child as it incorporates the latest music hence being relevant and enjoyable for your child. In modern jazz dance classes, your child will learn foundation building like stretching, kicks, turns and leaps and then they will proceed to learn a routine after perfecting those dance moves.


Like other dance styles, jazz also comes with its unique benefits. Jazz allows them to gain technique, core strength, flexibility, coordination and stamina, which are all plus points for your child. Modern jazz dance classes for kids are perfect for a child who likes challenging themselves physically.


4. Acrobatic Dance


Acrobatic Dance is a combination of acrobatic skills, and dance! Through acrobatic dance classes, Your child will be required to perform aerial stunts like tumling, balancing, handstands, and flips while also having to pull off ground. They will also have to learn how to work in a team as while learning routines, they may be required to balance on a person’s shoulders or hold someone high up in the air.


Acrobatic dance will allow your child to gain stamina and strength while also allowing them to gain social and teamwork skills. Acrobatic dance is reccomended  for any child who is profound in acrobatic skills and wants to learn how to work collaboratively as a team.


5.  Musical Theatre


Lastly, musical theatre dance classes for kids. Musical theatre is a dance genre which consists of dancing, singing, and acting, perfect for any child who loves the arts. In musical theatre, your child will be able to tell a story, letting them feel their character whilst dancing and singing to elevate their performance and character as a whole. In musical theatre, your child will be required to absorb skills and techniques from the three different expressive forms which require stamina and flexibility.


Through musical theatre, apart from learning the skills of dancing, singing and acting, your child will also be able to build self confidence, allowing them to embrace and express themselves freely. Musical theatre dance classes for kids is recommended to any child who is looking to build self confidence or to overcome stage fright, or who just simply enjoy the arts and is looking to pursue it in the future.


Finding the best dance school to enrol your child in


Finding the best dance school to enrol your child in


Finding the style of dance your child would be suitable for is important, But finding the perfect centre for your child to learn that dance style is even more important. Finding the best centre for your child can be difficult, especially with abundant dance centres around. The success of mastering a dance form depends solely on these factors, like a nurturing environment, the teaching styles and the level of exposure available.


Why Jody Marshall Dance Company?


At Jody Marshall Dance Company, we firmly believe in creating a nurturing and supportive environment for each and every student. Having a conducive environment is a crucial building block of your child’s development. Our professional dance teachers at Jody Marshall Dance Company are committed to offering high standards of training to budding young dancers in Singapore.


Enrolling your child into a dance class at Jody Marshall Dance Company not only allows them to learn from our highly experienced teachers, but also allows them to gain more exposure in their chosen dance style. Your kids will be under the guidance of teachers who are international choreographers in the dance scene. Your child will get the opportunity to travel internationally for competitions or performances as well.


Jody Marshall Dance Company offers the opportunity to let your child build up their portfolio with accredited examinations through our DSA programme. Here at Jody Marshall Dance Company, our teachers will guide you through every step of the way through the DSA process. Over the years, we have built up a great record of students who have successfully enrolled into the secondary school of their choice through the DSA programme.


Contact us today to enrol your child into a dance class of choice with us!