5 Tips For Choosing A Dance School in Singapore For Your Kid


5 Tips For Choosing A Dance School in Singapore For Your Kid


After finding the perfect dance style for your kid, it’s now time to find a dance studio in Singapore for your child to enrol in. Do you find it tough when you are in the process of finding a dance studio in Singapore due to the influx of dance studios available in Singapore? Don’t worry! We are here to help you find the right dance studio in Singapore by sharing some key tips to look out for in potential dance studios.


The types of dance studios and dance classes for kids in Singapore vary in many different ways such as, the amount of dance styles available, the teaching skill level, the environment and lastly the types of exposure available. No matter what dance style your child chooses to enrol in, there will always be a dance studio in Singapore for your child. Hence, here are 5 essential tips for choosing the best dance school in Singapore for your kid.


1. Finding out what the instructors’ qualifications are


This factor is crucial when choosing a dance school in Singapore, especially if your child is looking to pursue dance professionally. Most of the best dance studios in Singapore have highly skilled and trained instructors. If the instructors are well qualified, they are able to help your child develop their skills in their chosen dance style which will help your child to have a higher chance of getting early admissions to schools specialising in dance which will later on help them to transition smoothly into the industry.


Ask the dance studio about the instructors qualifications, their dancing experience and their experience in teaching dance. It would also be a plus point if the instructor’s teaching style compliments your child.


Before signing up for dance classes in Singapore, we recommend going for a trial lesson first. By going for trial classes not only will you experience what a normal class would look like, but your child will also get the opportunity to interact with their teachers and will also get the experience of what the environment of the dance lesson is like. This is to ensure you make your money’s worth during your child’s dance lessons at dance school in Singapore.


2. Find out about the culture of the dance school in Singapore


Find out about the culture of the dance school in Singapore


Apart from the teacher’s qualifications, It is also very important to find out what the teachers are like and how they deal with situations. You wouldn’t want your child to be attending dance lessons that they won’t enjoy. Find a teacher that best suits your needs. For example, a good teacher should be understanding, patient, alert, and most important of all, they treat their students with respect. This goes a long way in making your child’s experience in the chosen dance school in Singapore more worthwhile.


3. Find out about the reputation of the dance school in Singapore


As a parent, we are sure that you would want the best for your child. Look at the reviews online of other parents with children, or talk to them about what learning experiences their child gained after joining the dance school in Singapore that you are interested in. This way, you can figure out which dance school in Singapore is best for your child.


4. Check out the facilities of the dance school in Singapore


Here are some questions you can ask yourself about the dance school in Singapore.


Firstly, do they have the necessary equipment like dance floors, mirrors,and bars? For example, it is crucial for dance studios to have springwood flooring which provides a slight trampoline effect which allows the dancers to reduce the impact on their bodies while bouncing and jumping.


Another example would be, having full body length mirrors which would allow dancers to be able to see their body and form as compared to a small mirror. Those factors are for during lessons, then what about outside of lessons?


It is best if the dance school in Singapore has big, and wide dance studios, and air conditioning, all to help your child to learn their dance style comfortably without any hiccups. 


5. Ask about the types of exposure your child would gain from the dance school in Singapore


Ask about the types of exposure your child would gain from the dance school in Singapore


Lastly, this is optional but it is a plus point. Although many dance schools usually rely on their in-house dance instructors to do the teaching, some dance schools allow their students to gain experience and exposure by for example, sending them for dance competitions, inviting instructors who are currently in the industry, or field trips to dance performances.


These are just some of the many ways a dance school in Singapore can expose their students to different things. Learning is all about trying new things, gaining new experiences and more.


Another bonus point of having exposure would be that your child will be able to figure out whether they want to pursue dance professionally in the future, or what role they want to play or simply, gaining experiences for their portfolio to have an early admission to their desired schools. You can ask the dance instructor all these questions during the trial classes. 


Why Jody Marshall Dance Company?


In conclusion, there are many different factors you would have to consider when choosing the right dance school in Singapore for your child. There are many resources online such as their studio’s website, and social media. This first step may seem daunting, but it is crucial as we want you to find the best dance school in Singapore for your child.


At Jody Marshall Dance Company, we firmly believe in creating a nurturing and supportive environment for each and every student. Having a conducive environment is a crucial building block of your child’s development. Our professional dance teachers at Jody Marshall Dance Company are committed to offering high standards of training to budding young dancers in Singapore.


Enrolling your child into a dance class at Jody Marshall Dance Company not only allows them to learn from our highly experienced teachers, but also allows them to gain more exposure in their chosen dance style. Your kids will be under the guidance of teachers who are international choreographers in the dance scene. Your child will get the opportunity to travel internationally for competitions or performances as well.


Jody Marshall Dance Company offers the opportunity to let your child build up their portfolio with accredited examinations through our DSA programme. Here at Jody Marshall Dance Company, our teachers will guide you through every step of the way through the DSA process. Over the years, we have built up a great record of students who have successfully enrolled into the secondary school of their choice through the DSA programme.


Contact us today to enrol your child into a dance class of choice with us!