8 Tips For Selecting A Ballet Dance School in Singapore

8 Tips For Selecting A Ballet Dance School in Singapore

Ballet dance is one of the most revered forms of dance in the world. Not only does it require tremendous physical strength and grace but also dedication to the discipline. It takes years of training and discipline to perfect the art form, which is why it has remained a rare art form that is practiced by only a few thousand people worldwide. With its rich history, glamorous style and powerful message, ballet remains a favorite pastime for many people all over the world.


In the 21st century, classical ballet dance continues to be an artistic dance form that is adored by many people around the world and has remained an incredibly popular dance style since its inception. But how does one go about learning ballet? If you are someone who is interested in enrolling your kids in ballet classes but does not know where to start, then this article is just for you.


How to select the right ballet dance school in Singapore


When it comes to dance classes for kids, below are 8 tips that will help you choose the right ballet dance school in Singapore to enroll your children in.


1. Check out the reputation of the ballet dance school and its teachers


Check out the reputation of the school and its teachers


Check out the website of the school and look for any reviews or feedback. If you are thinking of sending your child to a particular school, make sure that you contact the school and get a feel for their experience with their environment and classes.


You can also ask your friends who are sending their kids to that dance school. You can also find information on some of these ballet dance schools on social media.


2. Choose a reputable ballet dance school


Choose a reputable ballet dance school in Singapore where your child can practice her form and build her confidence, in order to further develop her skills. 


3. Level of classes at the ballet dance school


Choosing the right level of classes is a vital part of enrolling into a ballet dance school. For instance, if your child has no prior experience in ballet, they may not be ready for the advanced ballet dance techniques and moves. Perhaps, it’s better to enroll them in a more beginner level class where they can learn the basic steps, moves, etc. This will also help your child build up her confidence before they enroll in the advanced classes.


4. Visit the ballet dance studio or school to see for yourself


You can ask for a trial class and ask some teachers or instructors to give you a private lesson or demonstration. Ask them how they feel about their school, teachers, and also how they would rate them on a scale of 1-10. Make sure that you have some contact details if you have any concerns after seeing the place. 


5. Considering the age of your kid


There is nothing stopping you from enrolling your child in dance classes as soon as they reach the toddler stage and are able to walk, run, and converse reasonably well. Dance lessons are worthwhile to try even if you don’t want your child to become a professional dancer because they help them develop their physical and social skills.


6. Consider the environment of the ballet dance studio or school


Consider the environment of the dance studio or school


Is it in a nice, clean and well maintained place? Is it in a peaceful and safe environment? Is it easy to get to? Are the students friendly and nice? Does the school offer out-of-school activities and opportunities for competitions for the students? 


7. Waiting period of enrolment


When selecting a ballet dance school to enroll your kid in, it is a good idea to know the waiting time of enrolment as well. Certain dance schools in Singapore, especially popular dance studios, might not accept enrolments when their dance classes have already commenced in the year. It’s important to ask the dance school regarding enrolment procedures and know what are the enrolment dates of the dance classes.


8. Check out the credentials of the ballet dance teachers


Ask some teachers or instructors if they have any experience and if they are good at what they do. Do not just take their word for it but ask some of your friends who are also sending their children to that school and ask them how they feel about their teachers, instructors, and the dance classes themselves. Also, ask them how your child is progressing in her dance lessons as well as how they are feeling about dancing!


Now you know what to consider for deciding on which school to attend, it is now time to see which schools are available in Singapore that offer ballet dance training. In choosing a ballet school in Singapore, it is important for you to research the facilities and training that the school offers. This can help you decide whether this is the right school for you.


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